CONNECTING WITH NATURE: We have discovered a source of wisdom, a fountain of spiritual energy.  The source is nature.  When we walk through a forest, the feeling of peace and the spirit of life is so evident.  For us, the experience is much deeper than just a feeling.  Each tree in the forest, like each human on earth, has a spirit and a voice.  It is our delight as Psychics, to hear the voices of the Spirits of trees, learn about their lives, and their connections with each other, the earth, and God.  The trees tell us about how they cooperate with each other to build a strong community in nature and how we as  humans can cooperate with nature, also.  We receive healing from them and provide healing to them.  We do healing on the land.  They give us hope.

At CLAIRVUE Psychic Readings and Reiki we foster a sense of   community among our clients by bringing them together for classes and special events to honor themselves, each other and the world around them.  Each time clients become more aware and feel more nurtured they are helping themselves and those around them.  When you feel great from a Reiki treatment and a Psychic Reading, have a better sense of self, your life is improved and you are able to listen, open your heart, and help others.  You can pass it on. 


At CLAIRVUE Psychic Readings and Reiki we honor those who help us - our wonderful Highest Level Helping and Healing Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Energies and God.  We thank all of you for all that you do each moment, each day. 


And at CLAIRVUE Psychic Readings and Reiki we honor the earth and the world around us.  When each of us helps the earth a little each day we all live more healthfully and happily.






















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ART APPRECIATION: Our visits to art museums to appreciate the imaginative work of great artists give us the opportunity to use our Psychic powers.  We take time to talk with the Spirits of the artists, when available, who are pleased to discuss their work.  We stop in front of a Van Gogh painting and ask to speak to Van Gogh’s Spirit.  We enjoy hearing about how he created the work we are viewing, what he was thinking and feeling at the time.  We stop to gaze at a Kandinsky or an O’Keeffe and enjoy hearing why particular colors or shapes were important to use.  Our clients sometimes ask us to talk with the spirits of their relatives who have passed on.  We enjoy using those talents in other settings as well.


HELPING HISTORIANS UNRAVEL MYSTERIES:  Each human-made object retains the energy       of the craftsperson and his/her intentions.  By holding the object - Psychometry - we can detect        information about that object and the person who made it.  We have worked with historians to provide them with clues to unravel the mysteries of historically significant objects including a wedding ring, pottery shards, a Christian cross with a Jewish star, and carvings that families had hidden for centuries.  Although we cannot authenticate an object, we can connect with its rich history which often remains deeply imbedded.