A CLAIRVUE Psychic Reading is a view of the beautiful person you truly are.  You are intuitive, or psychic, sensitive to yourself and others.  You work hard to stay clear and on your path.  You look to CLAIRVUE Psychic Readings and Reiki for      wellness when you need assistance. 


You may work at any of these professions, like other CLAIRVUE clients.

Disclaimer - Wendy and Lane provide clear, detailed and inspiring Psychic Readings and gentle Reiki.  Readings are provided as a guideline to help you understand possible alternatives.  They do not substitute for your common sense, sound judgment, and       thorough analysis of situations and information.  It is important to note that all predictions can change due to circumstance and personal choice.  It is not  possible to see everything that is about to happen in your life.   The questions that you ask during a Psychic Reading session are addressed as proficiently and clearly as possible with the help of the Highest Source.   They are not the opinions of the Readers. 

Lane and Wendy are not licensed attorneys, and therefore cannot provide legal advice. They are not physicians, nurses nor licensed medical or mental health practitioners and do not practice or dispense medicine.  If you are needing medical care, or experiencing severe difficulties, it is recommended that you seek appropriate professional assistance.  They cannot be responsible for your       emotional or physical distress.   

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About You


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We all make contracts with God before we come on earth. These contracts describe our talents, gifts, and how to best use them on earth.  Parents, you can learn about what your child’s future holds and how best to guide them.  Find out what your child’s contract is with God.

You are a:

Film Maker; Yoga Instructor;

Psychologist; Small Business Owner; Doctor;            Hypnotherapist; Environmental Scientist; Artist;       Historian; Educator; International Businessperson; Journalist; Massage Therapist; Marketing Guru;       Designer; Professional Athlete; Accountant;                Restaurateur; Politician; Realtor; Psychic;                 Professional Dancer; Administrative Assistant; Builder; Nurse; Astrologer; Scientist and Inventor; Horse Trainer; Pharmacist; Writer; Mathematician; Musician;            Salesperson; Student; Native American Shaman;        Social Worker.