Welcome to CLAIRVUE Psychic Readings.  Psychics Wendy and Lane have been doing their wonderful work, which is really a      calling, for over 38 years.  Wendy and Lane work with people    helping them to find hope, understanding and excellence in their lives.  These Visionary Psychics’ special gifts are the reason that so many people receive light for a clear view. 

In Lane’s and Wendy’s work they help many people understand their futures, their pasts, including previous life times, and realize their souls’ journeys.  They love to see people be the best they can be.   

Wendy and Lane have touched the hearts of many and guided them to find better ways.   Their Readings are provided with warmth,   caring, understanding and honesty.

God gives us the opportunity to live full lives.  God helps us each and every day, to realize and have the energy to accomplish our goals.  With the help of the Higher Power, our kind and generous Spirit Guides, and the Angels who surround and protect us, we all can be filled with light. 

When people lose their way, become confused, reach out for help, need reassurance, Wendy and Lane, CLAIRVUE Visionary         Psychics, can assist.  It is through their extraordinary talent and gifts that lives are changed for the better.  Wendy and Lane will provide clear, detailed  information that is precisely what the Guides, Angels and God hope for you to hear. 

As CLAIRVUE Psychics, Wendy and Lane help you with your personal and professional concerns.  As Mediums, they get you in touch with loved ones who have passed on.


House and Office Clearings And Blessings - to eliminate unwanted spirits and entities, and freshen the energy.


Energy Work - including Getting Grounded, Transformational Healing, Chakra and Aura Balancing, Color Therapy.


Past Life Readings - that illuminate experiences in past lives that guide people with their present day concerns.


Psychometry - to “read” the energy of an historic or personal object, building, or the land, to understand its rich past.


Psychic Readings for Infants and Children  - to learn about their special gifts and their life’s purpose. 



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We Work In God’s Light



CLAIRVUE PSYCHIC READINGS ARE                                                      GREAT INVESTMENTS IN YOUR LIFE


CLAIRVUE Psychic Readings are confidential, specific to you, a great investment in your life, well-being, and the health of your family and loved ones.  Each question that you ask is given careful consideration.  CLAIRVUE  Psychic Readings are done in an atmosphere in which your sensitive concerns can be discussed without judgment. 

A CLAIRVUE Psychic Reading is a guide to how to formulate life plans.  It helps to assist yourself and others while on your spiritual journeys, and with daily and long-term concerns.  It is then up to each client to follow through on his/her individual path, seeking help from experts when necessary and diligently working to meet goals.   CLAIRVUE Psychic Readings can be a “road map”, a broader understanding to guide you, help you and heal you, in God’s Light.